Stock Market Trading For Beginners, Part 2


Welcome to part 2 of “Stock Market Trading For Beginners.”

As mentioned in the previous post, I’ve received a lot of requests for more ‘beginner level” training.

Therefore I’m creating a series of videos entitled “Stock Market Trading for Beginners.” The first video can be seen in the post below and the second video is revealed today.

Even though the title indicates that this is for the stock market, most of what’s in these videos also applies to Forex and futures traders as well.

Watch the videos in order because one builds on the information in the previous ones.

Oh, and LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW letting me know how you liked this video and what you’d like me to cover in the future.


  1. Barry always includes a little nugget of knowledge with each video. This video points out a pattern in which a certain kind of range bar produces lower prices on subsequent days. Barry is always reminding me to be more attentive to charts and patterns.

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