He’s Alive!


It’s been a long time since my last entry.

As I read through other people’s blogs I find that comment a lot. Seems like most bloggers go through periods where they have difficulty posting on a consistent basis.

But I have a good reason:

I almost had my “good day to die.”

Last month I found I had coronary artery disease. After a frightening episode at home, I went to the hospital where they discovered that one of my arteries was 99% blocked. So they performed angioplasty and inserted a stent.

It’s a common practice today, and less invasive than the bypass surgery my Dad had to endure.

But after returning home, I developed excruciating pain in my right flank. So I was back in the hospital within 24 hours.

The pain I experienced was beyond description. The nurse asked me to rate the pain on a scale of 1 to 10. At first it was a 9. Then it catapulted to 10,000!

At first the doctors thought it was a kidney stone, but after a scan they found that I had a growth on my right kidney.

I found myself being transferred to the oncology unit.

Two cardiologists came into my room together (not a good sign) to explain with grim faces that after the heart procedure I was on blood thinning medication and couldn’t have surgery to remove the mass on my kidney … and they couldn’t halt the medication for at least a year without risking further heart problems. They weren’t sure what to do.

Now I was scared.

I’m only 49 years old. My parents both lived well into their 80s. And with all the advances in medical technology in recent years, and in the years to come, I had planned on living to be at least 100.

The doctors called in a specialist who proceeded to conduct more tests on me. This went on for a couple days during which I had plenty of time to stare at the ceiling and reevaluate my life.

  • Am I happy and proud of my life?
  • Did I fulfill my purpose on earth?
  • Did I make a difference?
  • How many people would say their life is better because I was here?
  • If I’m given more time, how would I use it?

Gladly the story has a happy ending.

Tests revealed that the growth on my kidney is an inert and benign cyst. My doctors will keep watching me, but at this time it doesn’t pose a threat.

So they sent me home.

I was utterly exhausted and could barely get around. The heart procedure, and the intense kidney pain had sucked all the energy out of my body. I was also now on a hand full of medicines each day, many of which said “may cause drowsiness.” I was back home … but in a wheel chair.

Then unbelievably, a few days later, the kidney pain returned. But this time it was even worse than the first time (I didn’t think it was possible).

I couldn’t get out of bed, so my wife called an ambulance.

The trip to the hospital was absolutely excruciating as I could feel every bump the ambulance drove over (they should put luxury suspensions in those things).

There was no doctor in the emergency room, so I was given no pain medicine and just suffered for hours in absolute agony.

When a doctor finally arrived, he had a scan conducted and said I had passed a kidney stone (again?). However the specialist later said it may have blood clots.

I was sent home and have stayed out of the hospital since then.

I’m getting my strength back and doing some walking around the neighborhood now (with my new dog “Hero”).

What does all this have to do with trading?

First, I just wanted to let you know what’s been going on with me on a personal level and why I haven’t posted to my blog for over a month.

Second, as I reevaluated my life during this traumatic time, I realized that I don’t regret being involved in this wonderful industry at all. In fact it has been a wonderful blessing.

When most people think of the trading profession, they think of making money. That’s fine, and that should be part of your plan.

But it’s not just about the greenbacks. It’s about being able to enjoy your life. And for me, I enjoy trading so much that I would do it even if there were no money involved!

I’m very fortunate to have found a profession that I love so much. It’s truly a passion of mine. I enjoy everything about it – teaching, learning, reading, sharing, and of course, the actual trading itself.

I contrast my feelings with so many who come to trading with purely a financial motive. They’re only interested in trading as a way of making money … and if they don’t profit quickly, then they quit it completely and move on to another money-making endeavor.

When I decided to pursue trading as a career, my attitude was not that I would try it, or see if it would work, or “give it a year.” I simply decided that I WAS going to be a professional trader … no matter what it took.

That type of commitment is not possible, indeed not even appropriate, unless you’re committing to something that you truly love.

Here’s to hoping I have many more years to share my passion with you.


  1. Sorry to hear of your troubles,

    Yes get a second opinion,for accurate diagnosis.

    I had 4 Kidney stones removed, but your pain was probably worse.
    My Doctor told me to “Drink heaps of Water”!

    Get plenty of exercise,
    And thank you so much for interesting articles.
    Best of Health to you.
    Max. 70 Sydney Australia.

  2. Dear Barry,

    I wish you to exceed those 100 years in good health and happiness. If you’ll doubt yourself again perhaps R. A. Emerson’s “What is Success?” might help.

  3. Barry,

    Just visited your website for a week and I found very valuable lessons. I hope that everything is OK with you now.

    About passion on what you like as a profession is providing insight to me. Yes, you are right. If we have passion and like what we do, it is not like work but like playing. With passion, we learn to be humble, patient and always looking for the best. This will differentiate between amateurs and professionals.


  4. Dear Barry,
    Sincerely pray you’re staying out of pain, still strengthening, & walking plenty with Hero. (I’ve had renal cholic too.)
    Just found your site ’bout a week ago; going thru 5 day video course. Wish I’d found you years ago. But perhaps the student wasn’t ready then, who knows.
    Like Bob, I find real peace only in our dear Saviour -John 14 is my fav chapter.
    Prayers from me too,
    Ivan M

  5. Warm greetings Barry,

    I just read your blog piece “he’s alive”. Totally shocking. I’m reminded of what the writer of the book of Hebrews says when he wrote ”no man knows the day or the hour.”

    I always thought I could be a good trigger for just had an older brother. Yesterday I told my wife I think I found my older brother!

    I will pray for you from time to time Barry… I need you… and we are kin

    Bless you!!

    Bob Charnin

    P.S I have gone through my own shocking experience and have found a place of quiet rest in the presence of Jesus Christ.

  6. Hi Barry, I was wondering where you were!! So sorry to hear you fell ill, but so happy to know you are healing. Keep up a good health regimin, and you will be good as gold! Best wishes..

  7. Hi Barry,
    I wish for continual improvement in your health.
    You’re truely a person of quality and substance.
    Thank you for providing your insightful contribution towards trading.
    Here’s a subtle image: Top Dog mending his wounds, back on his feet, doing what he loves.

  8. Hi Barry,

    I’m new to your blog and your website. I really like your philosophy. It makes a lot of sense to me, and it has a bit of an ‘eastern’ flavor to it.

    I wish you the best with your health and all!!!


  9. Hi Barry,
    what a surprise to read of your travails. Naturally, I wish you a complete recovery . With your great attitude, always ready to laugh, that will be easier.
    I was looking to email you with an update on my trading when I read your blog. Puts everything into very clear perspective.
    These days I am trading only stocks using your method with terrific results. Very consistent.
    Thanks again Barry,

  10. Hi Barry

    Take you time and focus on strong a recovery. My friend
    was 55 and had heart blockage. They started with 3 stents
    that led to a triple bypass. I would have gone for the bypass. He’s young and recovered 100%. I’m 53 and had a torn rotor cluff which took a 3 month recovery. Then I had my C67 replaced with a cadaver bone and that was 6 months. I still workout 3 times a week with the Mrs. Your be back together in no time. Just keep moving, breathing and walking. Oh, for kidney relief go to the Edgar Cayce (ARE)website. Cayce saw the possibility of building the body back to normal, “if there is the persistence and consistence in the activities, the application and the attitudes of the body towards a constructive influence throughout its bodily functioning itself, as well as its applications to those things that may make for helpful influences.” (370-4)
    The foundation is located in my hometown of Va Beach.

  11. Hello Barry,

    I save your emails for times when circumstances allow me to concentrate, since the content is so unfailingly interesting and worthwhile. I have been very busy and therefore your missive regarding your health scare has been sitting in my mailbox along with dozens others. I hope that by now you are well on the way to recovery, and feeling stronger.
    I have not yet subscribed to any of your services because
    while I have been doing short-term trading for some years,
    I feel that I must negotiate the basics a la “Trading for Dummies” before I can get the maximum out of your tutorials. Once I sense that I am ready, yours of all that post invitations for trading secrets and tools, seems the most lucid and well-delivered. And generous too–with information and effort. Many thanks. Stay well. Barbara

  12. Barry,

    Glad to hear you are on the mend. My family has had their share of medical and dental setbacks over the last two years, but we seem to survive. These things have a way of focusing you and helping you realize what’s really important.


  13. Best wishes for a rapid and complete recovery, Barry. Your methodology has helped me a great deal. All the best!

  14. Hi Barry,
    Got your site from INO. Have watched all 5 of your intro videos. Loved your teaching vids and style. Learned heaps and you know what I used the rubber band method as best I could and
    made a profit in 3 out of four forex trades today. Thats unheard of for me. My timing seemed to be always 100% out in the past – right idea wrong hour! You are at the top of my course list. Glad to hear you’re on the mend – I’m 49 too and have four teenagers so all the best for a full recovery and alot more life.

    Thanks for your intro videos – I look forward to purchasing your full course.


  15. Hi Barry,

    I am sad to hear about what you have been through. No one wishes for such a thing to happen. You are a good man and its my fortune to have come into contact with you with the help of the Internet. You have made a difference in my trading career and I just want to wish you all the best in your health and a full speedy recovery!

    Take care!

    Warmest regards,

  16. Hi Barry

    Just wanted to send you my best wishes for a speedy recovery. I really appreciate that you found time through all this to respond to emails and continued sharing your trading insights. I hope you get feeling better real soon.
    All the best,

  17. HI Barry,
    VERY happy to hear from you! How about this. Just concentrate on the good things in life. (Like the Redwings!) You better not get out of trading before I have a chance to become a student! Ha. Stay well, Barry. Thinking and praying for you.
    All the best,

  18. Wow, glad you’re heading in the right direction. I am still trying to unravel the trading enigma, nice to occasionally read that people trade and make money.

  19. Wow, glad you’re heading in the right direction. I am still trying to unravel the trading enigma, nice to occasionally read that people trade and make money.

  20. Barry,

    We are all wishing you a speedy recovery! And don’t be afraid to get a second opinion in a situation like this. We all want the initial diagnosis to be the correct one so you can focus on returning to good health.

  21. Welcome back Barry! I can relate to your pain, because I’ve had over a dozen kidney stones in my life. Hopefully your pain wasn’t as bad as the one the stones cause. I am a newbie with you, and have enjoyed your videos immensely. You are an excellent teacher. Good luck with your recovery!

  22. Thanks for share that painful experience with us, I am glad that you are ok now, certainly it is a bless be alive and trading, good luck, Julio.

  23. welcome back Barry…and glad to hear you are on the mend. I had a simular event in my life in January and it re-focused me as well. Here’s to a good life and good trading!

  24. Hi Barry,
    Glad to hear you manage your way through health crisis well.
    Wishing you all the best and full recovery.
    We need ya, mate!
    (Melbourne, Australia)

  25. Hi friend,
    Nice to see somethink from you again. I wish you will be fine as the past ASAP. You are a good man, and be sure that we love you.

    Take care more than before 🙂


  26. Hi Barry

    Sorry to know that you fell ill last month. I sincerely wish that you will get stronger and healthy by now. Your website is very informative and you are generous to share with us your experience and knowledge. I must admit that I have learnt a lot from watching your video and reading your articles.

    Take care and continue to teach us more about trading in future.

    Best health and good trading


  27. Hi Barry.
    sorry to hear what you have went through.i wish you good health.
    I’m a new to trading just in learning phase.last month i took Online Trading academy course which was helpful. but you have a wonderful site it help new peoples like me a lot.

    Thanks Very much!


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