Swing Trading Strategies for the Best Trend Trading – Video Tutorial

The Best Trend Trading and Swing Trading Strategies that Work
The Best Trend Trading and Swing Trading Strategies that Work

Swing trading strategies that work provide the best trend trading system. This swing trading tutorial video provides you with some excellent swing trading methods. Whether you’re trading stocks, futures or Forex, this video can help you with your trading.

Enjoy this tutorial about a simple swing trading strategy and how to use it in creating a trend trading system.

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Welcome to this video on Swing Trading Strategies. We are going to focus on how to have a high probability, best trend trading signal and when that trend is going to end. This is a market geometry pattern that works very, very well. I find that it works tremendously for swing trading using daily charts, weekly charts, monthly charts and you can use it for stocks, forex, futures, commodities. I have got this stock up here, Tesla.


We go up to the drawing tools, and you’ll see that we’ve got all these different tools here. So I go to regression channel.  This is one of the best trend trading tools. Click on that and then I click on a high. I want to click on the highest bar there. Get it, just right there, there we go, and then drag it down to. Now here is one of the things I want to show you. Alright, so then as you can see it draws these lines and it kind of, well it just kind of goes across the market like this where we can see that there is boundaries.

And let’s look what those boundaries look like. I’m going to format this, under format. And what I use is I use a standard deviation of 2 for both the upper and the lower channel. I don’t actually draw the mid channel, or the midline, the actual regression line. This is one of my favorite swing trading strategies.

The basic idea is that we are looking for the market to increase in volatility outside of a regression channel of a 2 percent standard deviation. And that is a pretty good number to use. That’s the one that I always use. So as long as it stays in there, now you’ll see obviously here we get, we approach breaking out here and here. But it never actually breaks completely out for the best trend trading signals.


The first time it breaks out is right here. And then it retraces back down, and then it goes up. So here it pierces, I call this a pierce, instead of a break. And the real distinction there is that you got to allow the market a little bit of a wiggle room for standard error that might make.

Here put in a high, but it comes right back down. It puts in high, it comes back right down. Here comes, puts in a high but stays outside of the regression channel. That’s the key to these swing trading strategies. That’s what I am looking for.

This is the same chart and I am just going to do another one here. Go to our drawing tools, choose regression channel, I’m going to start with the lowest bar, doesn’t really matter where you touch the bar, and then we go to the highest one there, going to click again.


Notice how far the channels are away from price action. So it’s really given a lot of room to move there, the wiggles, the ups, the downs. And that’s good, that’s 2 standard deviations. So that’s what we want. And then it comes back down. This marks the boundaries for great swing trading strategies.

Here you have a little, basically it’s called kind of trade, if you wanted to take that, but that’s not the best trend trading signal. It comes back up, and then, but it stays outside of them, and goes back down again. I am going to have to take my arrows off of there, otherwise, well let me show you what happened.

So the reason I am showing you this is that I want to show you that this is a more of a big picture, broad stroke type of indication. I find it to be one of the better trend trading indicators or swing trading indicators, and it’s a relatively simple swing trading strategy and simple trend following strategy for Forex, stocks and futures.


You’re just mapping a certain percentage of mathematical variance that you are allowing the markets to make in their wiggles. And generally if they break that level of volatility, something significant is happening. It can then change the long term direction of the market and lead to excellent swing trading strategies. But it’s not clean to help you to pinpoint with precise accuracy exactly where you should give in or exactly where you should get out. So that’s one thing you need to add.

This should be used with another type of swing trading strategies indicator or combination of indicators, price patterns, whatever you like to trade with in order to then choose the precise place where you want to take those trend following trading strategies. If you have a good trading method, and add this to it, perhaps it will help you do trend trading for a living. But it is very good at helping you to see the trend while still allowing the market, generations that are normal.

By the way, if you are interested in indicator that I use personally for precise, very precise entries and exits. I am happy to share that with you. Just send me an email there at Barry@TopDogTrading.com, and I’ll show you how to get access to that indicator.

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