Free Gift: Keeping Your Cool While Daytrading or Swing Trading


Hard to believe, but today is my birthday!

I decided to begin this new year of my life by giving a gift to you.

No payment or even opt-in required. This is not even a promotion for anything I’m selling about daytrading.

It is a brief 10 page PDF report entitled “3 Steps to Becoming a Cool Trader.”

This free Special Report shares 3 lessons I’ve learned over the years about life and trading (daytrading, swing trading and investing).

Please note that this Report isn’t a 3 step method for making money. It’s about big picture principles that will help you deal with the emotions and pressure of trading so you can keep your cool and trade more effectively, and therefore, profitably.

So enjoy this gift and feel free to send others to this page to also download this Special Report.

You can download it or open it by clicking on the title of the report below:



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  1. Happy birthday Dr. Barry. Good video, podcast and article on trading “cool”. I endorse your statement on diversification, it helps in managing and mitigating risk.Having multiple income stream/s do reduce stress in trading because losing money ( risk ) is all part of investing – it depends on the loss amount and if this can be offset some by gains in other investment instruments.

  2. It’s true, in the end all that matters is the values we end up with. If your health goes what have you got. There’s so much obsession out there that it is unnerving. It’s comical in chat rooms, where every second person is a genius; when in fact only 5% are consistent winners – the other 95% are are the money pool. Simplicity with a plan is a good answer whereas uncontrolled greed can be the destructor. Bruce Lee is right as you have acknowledged, basic fundamentals are so simple but in the end we should learn that these simple fundamentals can be learned again, this time with a plan, a modus operandi and a belief system. Above all, make quick decisions when the worm turns. Family is everything and helping others when we’re able to is a salve to the giver as well as the recipient. 90% is a good analogy, I tried it at golf a few years ago and everything else come into being, I hit the ball straighter and further. It worked for me.
    Happy Birthday Barry, it’s good to see you are continually learning as well.

  3. Great;
    I have been studying 4X for about 6 years and I really needed to hear a lot of the article. I think I am finally coming out of stage 2, but we will see.

  4. Hi Doc,

    Great article. Surprised to hear you only trade 2-3 hours a day. That’s great as I can’t ( and wouldn’t want to)see myself trading 8 hours a day if and when I do this “full – time”.

    Happy 40th by the way


  5. Thats really really good information and comment posted here. I came through and find interesting information related to trading.I will follow you and will visit for more and more information.

  6. Barry, Pearl drops of wisdom you share here. Thank you. In particular — that some pros only do 1-3 trades a day, and you 2 -3 hours. I have found that the majority of my losses are after fatiguing into the 2nd half of the day. A mindset of fewer trades might help with patience and taking only the sweet setups.

    I am not sure about your passion criteria. I can truly say that I do have a passion about trading that go beyond just the effort of making money. The analysis, the discipline and lessons of knowing one’s own self and pitfalls of human nature and a drive to go beyond them. But if there were no monetary incentive, there are other ways I would rather spend my time.

    God Bless

  7. Just what I needed to hear and very affirming to know you practice tai chi. Just reached a point recognizing that my investment obsession (& neglecting qigong) was leading to personal imbalance. Thank you.

  8. It appears to me that the same or similar price movements happen over every time frame, be it measured in miliseconds or days. A computer program has consistency and discipline humans lack. I think all that adds up to why some HFT firms can boast no losing days in 4 years. If I had the time and resources, I’d definitely code my own instead of trading manually. I tried using a couple trading bots but they wouldn’t do what I wanted them to do. As a former IT professional, I know the scope of the effort it would take to program my own, and it’s wayyyy, wayyy beyond my means! Since I’m not out to make a gazillion dollars, manual trading using the Top Dog method is far cheaper and less time consuming! I’m glad that the HFT firms are out there so I know there will almost always be someone to take the other side of my trade.

  9. It is NOT important whether humans or computers move the market and create volatility; Why? Well, a trader needs volatility in the market to make moneyl as long as the trader understands price action, he/she should make money —

    DR. PeterK

  10. I think that computers doing the trades take out some of the risk of making a mistake and second guessing the trade. As long as they are set up to trade right. The orders will get sen quiker and you won’t have to sit there and watch so closly. You can go to work and trade too.

  11. Thanks for the report. I’ll try to remember it as I try to improve my trading and someday hopefully help others as you have.

  12. A man is known not by what he has done or failed to do, but by what others say he has done.
    Your contribution is truly valuable.

  13. I’m reading this a little late. I am just learning not to put 110% into it. Putting so much energy into it turned my loving trading into an exhausting job. Thank you for your confirmation. I will try to follow your steps.

    Happy belated birthday,

  14. Interesting document. Thanks for the info. I would also mention “Learning to eliminate ANY human emotion in the process of flawlessly executing trades” to be part of your guide. Excellent info.


  15. cheers Barry, my birthday today as it happens.As with all of your teachings,every word is absolutely true.For me the psycology element is much more difficult than the technical side and keeeping calm is the most important thing,mark a.

  16. Hi Barry,

    Great article. Everything you said is spot on. I recognise it because I’m now at stage 3 🙂

    Geoff Colvin refers to the 10,000 hour rule in the book “Talent is over rated” , meaning it takes 10,000 hours to master any skill. This is certainly true for trading and I can can confirm that when you reach stage 3 you do look back and wonder what all the fuss was about!

    Happy Birthday !!!


  17. Happy Birthday, Dr. B!

    The email is dated 2/2..which was my birthday!!!!!
    So, we’re both celebrating.

    Hopefully, I can apply your course material to its fullest advantage….at age 60 (!) things do come a bit more slowly, even as time is of the essence!

    However, your piece is a welcome reminder on how to approach the world, in general, as well as the business of trading!

    Thanks! You are a great teacher AND a great person!!

  18. Happy Birthday!
    Like your opening Bruce Lee Quote.
    I only trade forex spot.
    It took me two years to stop trying to jump on those trades that break away suddenly.
    I still struggle trying to find a reversal in a trending market.
    Multiple streams of income are good, however,
    I appreciate the fact that you are not one of these “forex trade gurus” that constantly try to sell us the next best “thing”.
    Wish you will live to see many more birthdays.

  19. Dear Barry!

    Happy Birthday.
    I am too busy but on the weekend i’ll read your book.

    Be well.
    Be happy.
    Be rich.
    Take care of Your money!!!!

    Thank You.
    Best wishes.

  20. Happy birthday Dr. Burns. Good article. Trading requires total commitment to a trading plan with the added requirement of needing to be counter-intuitive to your own decisions. It seems there is no escaping this reality. Regardless of how much time and effort you put into preparation, losses are inevitable. A good analogy would be attempting to fold a series of origami models using gold leaf (your own money). The first few models you would have success because they are easy to understand. You would experience great relief that you didn’t waste 3 sheets of gold leaf. Like the market when you attempt the next model you go into it with 110% focus and concentration. But then you are instructed to make an Outside Reverse Fold followed by an Inside Reverse Fold and the diagram is vague, but the clock is running and there is no time to experiment and despite all your efforts you have rendered a piece of gold leaf useless and thus without value. Through your own actions you have lost the value you had when you set out to add value in the first place. How likely is it that you are going to reach for a new piece of gold leaf straight away? The winning trader turns every piece of gold leaf into a swan or a crane or a butterfly ball, occasionally losing a corner of one piece. How does he/ she do it? Professional traders keep their strategies and methods in the same place they keep the pin number to their bank card: Secret! For 99% of us would-be traders it boils down to hope. Hope that because the market has retraced by 38.2% and paused, it’s going to reverse. What MUST the market do? Can we ever hope to answer this question? I think I must definitely be a stage 2-er!!!!!! All the best Barry.

  21. Happy Birthday Barry…. As always, you have good stuff, not only on practical trading but also on theory. Thank you and continue your good work.

  22. Happy bday barry

    That was a great report, trading for passion more than trading for money was definately insightful for me.

    Thanks.Take care

  23. Dr. Barry,
    I believe the true value of a man is not what he is or becomes but, rather what he does for others, all along the way. Success really is a journey, not a destination. You personify what a “Heart Of Gold” means. You give of yourself, to help others “Become”. I admire you Dr. Burns and thank you, for all you do, for us. God bless you and your family. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday and many more.

  24. Thanks, Barry, enjoyed the article and can definitely identify with the steps you have outlined.
    The only addition I might make is to add service to others in your life. From things you say, I believe you are a service oriented guy.
    There is a lot of pain out there right now and a few hours a week can make a huge difference to someone….especially the elderly or a child in need.

  25. Happy Birthday!

    I am guilty of most everything mentioned. I love trading but it is an obsession that is consuming my life. Fear of losing and running out of capitol is a force driving the endless search for the correct entry and exit. Learning too many different strategies can also be a bad thing. Thanks for calling some attention to the faults that keep traders from becoming successful traders.

    Wishing you a very happy birthday.

  27. Happy Birthday Barry!!!
    You are my favorite trading coach/mentor out of all the great teachers I’ve had (lots of the “big names”), because you are CLEAR; that is to say, you have clarity in your distinctions (like the 5 energies and their associated indicators) and standards (like, what the requirements are for a cycle to also be a wave) and the “big picture” (which you addressed in this excellent article, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!).
    I loved your Bruce Lee quotes! Very true and appropriate (I studied with his childhood friend and Wing Chun Kung Fu training partner Cheung Hok Kin for the better part of a decade in my youth, they both trained under the Grandmaster, Yip Man, and senior students Cheung Chuk Hing and [the late, great] Wong Shun Leung. Bruce kind of idolized Hing for his interpretation of the art).
    I always enjoy your comments on trading, the markets, and our shared challenges with human psychology! All the best, sincerely, Eliot

  28. Great article Barry. Thank you very much. Right now, I think that I am in stage 2. :-)Again, great article, and thanks.



  29. Happy Birthday, Barry ! ! !

    Thank you for your report. These principles are a fine adjunct to what you have already presented. The more often I hear (and internalize) them — and put them to use — the more encouraged I am that I will be a successful trader.

  30. Hi Barry,

    Thank you for the free PDF report. It was very enlightening. I will definitely contribute to Seva Foundation. I am always skeptical as to the percentage of the funds contributed actually benefit the cause. But since it’s coming from you, I will assume the best.

    Thanks again
    Bijan Motaghy.

  31. Happy birthday Dr. Burns. The PDF hit home with me. I always knew thre were steps to go through to becomming a sucessful trader, and you made them clear with the 3 steps.
    I had a frend whose wife bought him a cemetary plot for his birthday. The next birthday she told him she didnt get him anything as he hadent used the gift from last year yet.

  32. Happy Birthday Barry! As always; helpful, insightful and useful information for traders at all levels get to where they want to go. Thanks, Protrader Ed

  33. Enjoyed the article and try to live by its general message. My trading objective is to make more so I can share more. I am still in stage 2 but making progress. Quality of life is obviously yours to enjoy so my birthday wish for you is that your article reach and influence many to follow your advice.

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