In day trading and swing trading the stock market, forex and futures, volume is one of the few tools used (along with price) that is simply a fact and not an “indicator.” Using volume and price together is important for everyone in day trading, swing trading and investing to understand and master. This video will give you some good insights along those lines.

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For those interested in trend trading forex, futures and the stock market like the pros (which is very differently than the amateurs trade), I recently finished a new series of 5 FREE VIDEOS on exactly that topic – my gift to you!

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Ready for a cutting-edge, thorough trading book about what’s working NOW in the markets?

One of my mentors told me that I needed to write a book and that he’d keep bugging me until I did.

I resisted because I knew how much work it would be.

He kept his promise. He bugged me and bugged me … and kept bugging me!

Well, I’m excited to announce that I finally wrote that book and it’s officially published and in the bookstores as of a few weeks ago.

It’s called “Trend Trading For Dummies,” and is part of the famous Dummies series of books that’s so famous for creating books that make subjects easy to understand.

I have to admit I’m very proud of this work. I poured my over 40 years of trading education into this work, so it’s very comprehensive, practical and real-world.

On the other hand, being just published, it’s also very current about how to trade the markets in today’s high-tech trading environment that is dominated by computerized trading programs and High Frequency Trading.

It’s about what works NOW.

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Trend Trading For Dummies

It’s an amazing work if I must say so myself ;-) , and I’m sure you’ll find it very fresh, insightful, honest and practical to improve your trading and take it to the next level.


Okay day traders, today I’m starting a new series of 10 articles covering the top 10 mistakes I find people making when day trading and losing money. Many of the mistakes of stock market, futures and forex day trading have to do with trading psychology.

These are in no particular order, so we’ll start with …


Some traders are under the assumption that their trading strategy (whatever it is) should be able to get them into every major move of the market. That’s a false assumption that will lead to disastrous trading results such as:

  • Reverse engineering every big move in the market to see what indicators, etc.,  would have helped them catch that particular move.
  • Change trading methods continuously.
  • Causing a trader to think there’s something wrong with them.
  • Jumping into a trade that has “left the station” without you just because the market is making a big move (but not entering based on your proven trading rules).
  • Assuming that there is some magical trading strategy that will help you catch every move the market makes.

Successful trading is all about having a methodology that provides a high probability scenario when the rules of the method are met.

Not all big market moves are preceded by a high probability situation or setup. In such cases it’s important to manage your thoughts and emotions and allow the market to make it’s moves, even the big ones, without you.

Successful trading is done by “making the market come to you.”

That means sticking to a proven, time-tested trading methodology that when certain rules are met, the probability of a profitable trade is on your side.

You wait until those rules are met. When they are met, you take a trade. When they aren’t met, you stay on the sidelines and simply watch as the market makes its gyrations up, down and sideways … maintaining an emotionally detached attitude.

Never chase the market … make the market come to you.