“Best I have ever taken and taken many courses. … I have made money almost every day doing this following your teachings.”

- David C.

“Hi Barry,

Just a quick note to tell you that I am really enjoying the live trading video newsletters …

I am trading the [name of Top Dog Trade #1] exclusively now since about March [6 months]. I feel as though I am getting continuing education from you on a professional level, which is helping me to stay focused. There is a high probability in those [name of Top Dog Trade #1] … It is working very well as there are very, very few losers.

This has allowed me to build a nice equity base  … just taking that  [name of trade Top Dog Trade #1] is all I need. I just want to do it day after day. …


- Shawn

“Yesterday, using only your foundations course method, I had the best day I have ever had in over 10 yrs of trading. Was able to hold runners on 3 different trades for 15-20 ticks each.  Sure looking forward to your upcoming courses.”

- Dr. Dave B.

“Thanks very much for all you have done for me, and providing me with the education to be consistently successful.

- Peter W.

Best class I’ve ever taken, hands down.”

- Paul M.

“I have been trading full time for over 3 years now … You’ve heard the trading phrase ‘Cut your losses short and let your winners run.’ This is exactly what Barry has helped me accomplish … more so than ANYONE else I have learned from. Believe me … I’ve learned from some of the best traders out there! … Barry is the person to learn from if you truly want to achieve consistent profits in the market while limiting your risk. I have put his teachings to the test and know they work!!”

- Eddie E.

“Barry is the best person I’ve ever had teach me any market method etc.”

- Jason A.

“I have been trading about three years, the fx just one year and have spent thousands of $ on a software program, a couple of small systems, and another well-presented and good course with a few systems in it, but none of them can match your presentations. Your courses, systems, and training are more thorough, balanced, and cover all aspects of trading – and at a small fraction of the cost of the others. I truly wish I had discovered you first …

Thank you very much.


- Ken M.

“Hi Barry,

Just watched video number four. Say are you married? Cause I think I’m in love :)

Best regards,”

Gail E.

“Great video series!  Your insight has sure helped me realize the weaknesses in my trading approach/style and what I can do to increase future success.

… In summary everything that was covered in the 5 part video series and the Course # 1 & 2 manuals/videos thus far has been extremely valuable.

… Thanks again Barry for making the your study material available and offering to help traders like myself improve and be successful in this business.

Take care,”

Alan J.

“Very logical and methodical. Easy to understand. Best instruction ever – regardless of cost!”

- Carol E.

“Just a quick note to thank you so much for the mentoring over the past few weeks. I have spent over $30K on books and courses in the last 2 years and your training is by far the best I have taken.

My trading is now more focused and precise and I have clear and well defined rules which allow me to react more appropriately to what I see on the chart. For the first time I really feel that I am trading with purpose and direction and have a better understanding of price action.

… Just one thing though and I hope you don’t mind me feeding this back: I don’t think you are charging enough – Seriously! I have paid and would expect to pay this kind of money for simple e-books and mini trading strategies which in my experience have not worked … I would have thought 2-3 times what you are currently charging would not be unrealistic for new customers and would still provide excellent value …”

- Steve P., UK

“The best [course] I have attended so far.”

- Cathy C.

“WOW – what a newsletter!  All I can say is Foundations Courses 1 & 2 are the bread and butter; BUT your video newsletter is the “icing on the cake” and anyone not using it is really missing out on both accelerating their learning curve and improving their trading skills.

Thanks again,”


“… just what I was looking for … It’s as good as it gets. The best yet. I have not had a course that would go so deep into details. “

- Garen M.

“Thank you, your site is my default home page for now on.

I just can’t get enough of your education. I love it.”

-Alain G.

Simple to understand. Clearly organized.”

- Karen C.

“Barry’s course is better than most. He gives insights I can actually use! Barry teaches a clear and specific trading methodology that even a novice trader can actually use in the real world and succeed.”

- Mark T.

“High expectations exceeded again… An incredible value. Clearly superior to other courses I’ve taken.”

- Anthony A.

“I found Barry’s material more useful, primarily because it was presented as a “complete” methodology, taught in progressively more detailed stages. The organization of a “total package” method was very positive. Barry is a natural teacher with an innate ability to present complex information easily and simply.”

- Mike M.

Excellent. Clear explanations, good charting examples, well organized.”

- Glenn S.

“I have been learning your trading methodology and receiving your training videos for a relatively short period of time. I find them to be excellent, and the best of all I have been exposed to. The methodology is logical and relatively simple to apply, and your newsletter videos are excellent supplements to the basic training program.

… Great program! Congratulations, and thanks for making it affordable.”

Vinnie C.

“Congratulations on the newsletter — it’s already the best of its kind, particularly in the superposition of a very sound methodology onto current and ongoing examples. You’re now the first read of the day …”

- Steve S.

“Just wanted to give you a short update on the 2 courses I’ve taken so far. Words can’t express what an unbelievable value I think they are.

Fantastic information! Good as gold! If only I’d had this info  back in the late 80’s I’d be trading fulltime by now. Never have I found a  better teacher. I truly consider you my mentor …

Since last week I’ve made my first futures trades in a little over 15 years, using the e-mini S&P.

It’s tough because my platform is substandard, but in spite of it I’m in the money after commisions. 2 wins and 2 losses but one loss was large and unnecessary because of my own stupidity in chasing the market after a temporary computer freeze-up. Yet even with that my net balance is positive.”

- Mike

“Great Course! I learned so much. I feel like I can go trade the markets successfully.”

- David O.

“I discovered you training packages about a month ago. It has turned around my unsuccessful day trading of the Australian SPI, apparently one of the hardest instrustments in the financial world to trade …

Anyway I just went to a trading weekend seminar and told every person I meet about your fantastic training packages and the how it must be the best value training I have every paid my hard earned dollars for. Many of my trading buddies have already purchased your course in the last couple of weeks on my advice and I just wish someone had told me about Top Dog Trading years ago!

Keep up the great work and thank you for helping me meet my trading and financial goals.”

Duane C., Brisbane, Australia

“Boy, this stuff really works! I’m really grateful that you’re willing to teach us. I hope that you will continue long enough so that those of us who are new to your approach can reach ‘advanced trader’ status.”

- Peter H.

“I’ve been wanting to give you an update on my trading.  Trading is going quite well for me.  I am making money and am very happy with my success. I can trade both intraday and swing trade … The quality of your courses are always better compared to previous courses I’ve taken. You are the most honest teacher in the business. I really appreciate it.”

- Aaron S.

“It’s the best in the market, and I already spent thousands. Yours is the best. Gives you lots of practical advice that can be used the same day. Thank you.”

- Luis K.

“Dear Barry, just a line to let you know,your rubberband is alive and stretching in the sydney futures exchange. I estimate from about 24th Nov. if someone used the BAND they would have profited minimum $5000 aud. … The downside is, I wasnt on it. My girlfriend bought me a plastic bag full of rubber bands.


- Baz (Austalia)

“I have followed Barry Burns methodology for 3 years… you can never get enough of a good thing.”

. Richard H.

“[The video newsletter] is far and away the best trading
resource that I have found.  Very complimentary to many of the texts that I have been reading over the past 1-2 yrs.  (particularly Link, Farley, Elder, and Steenbarger’s books.)  I save each video after I watch them, and often review them time and again. Repetition has been the key to my medical education, residency, board prep… and certainly learning market dynamics.

Barry… you are an excellent professor.  Your didactic format is clear, concise, and to the point.  It’s a skill that few are ever able to master, and I think it’s simply one of your natural gifts.

I wish you nothing but ridiculous success, Barry.”

- Eric K., M.D.

“… put me on the list of satisfied customers since I already own both of your courses as well as your three special reports.

Happy Trading,”

Randy B.

“… this is the best material on trading I have come across and like your approach. I too have spent lots of money on seminars and books and some other courses and highly recommend your material for both the novice and the experienced trader. Kind regards,”

- Theo K.

“Just wanted to thank you for all the trading material you have made available to me (and others) at such a fair price: DTG seminar, 5 day free videos, Foundation Courses and the blogs.

I have made quantum leap in my understanding of market structure and my trading reflects it.

So please keep me on you mailing list for future training material. Hope you had an enjoyable visit to Denver.

Best wishes,”

- Mike D.

“I don’t have any questions at this time, but would like to just drop you a few lines to tell you how much I enjoyed your courses.

I have been trading for a few years now with very limited success … Your training has given me fresh inspiration to make a better success of my trading business, especially with the clever money management advice you supplied.

I found the course material very well delivered in a friendly manner and easy to follow even for inexperienced traders.
… It is very reassuring to have your experience so easily available should I need guidance an inspiration in the future.

Thanks again,”


“I went and took your Foundations 1 and 2 and after 3 trades have tripled my account using equity options as leverage. I strayed from what your foundations courses taught and couldent (sic) make sense of what I had been doing before. So I stoped trading and reviewed your courses and am once again on track. And without loosing (sic) any money.

Thank you you have truly changed my life for the better.”

-Jason C.

“I have been trading for a number of years and have been exposed to numerous methodologies in my quest for education. Until I became acquainted with Dr. Burns’ proprietary methodology I had found that most of the others have something to offer, but ultimately fail to adapt to all market conditions. Dr. Burns’ methodology is a very fluid methodology that quickly adapts to the market real time… Dr. Burns has also developed the strongest money management rules I have ever seen … A trader who learns this methodology will have the most powerful tools available to thrive in all markets for the long haul.”

- Peter W.

“Many thanks again. You truly give the most content (and the best) of any trading teacer I’ve ever had.”

- Bruce R.

Observing every presentation delivered at WorldWideTraders for seven years, there’s no trader more qualified to know what others need to know to excel in the trading business than Barry. I know because I have attended more trading courses than most traders. .. Barry is very effective at successfully teaching his methods to traders to be smoothly applied for more consistent trading results with conviction and confidence. That’s what every trader needs.”

- Richard R.

“… your course #1 was the cheapest course I have taken in trading but it was the best course.”

- Ted H.
“The information was well worth the cost of the course. I wish your course had been available 6 1/2 years ago when I initially began day trading on a full-time basis … no doubt my trading dues would have been less.


Marty C.

“Your Foundations Course #1 was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to better understand the market. Hopefully, I will be able to start Course #2 in a couple weeks.”

-Ray C.

“Just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying and learning from your excellent course and videos. Its really opened my eyes as to why I  haven’t been consistently profitable in the past.

Your approach to the markets is very precise and detailed and that was a key element missing from my previous trading education. Your teaching style is great and you have made me think hard about risk and probabilities. You have packed a lot into each course and I really appreciate the fact that you are so willing to help other traders.”


Warren C.

“Your Foundation 1 course was excellent. It best describes the art of trading in the best possible manner I can ever find. Wish you good health so that you can continue to provide hopes to many traders. Thank you so much Dr. Barry.

Best regards and God bless you.”

- Ganesan T. (Malaysia)

“It took me 2-3 yrs of reading and searching, only to come
across your stuff by chance.  By then, I had made enough mistakes, burned through my accounts an embarrassing number of times, but had finally discovered what questions were the right ones to be asking.  It’s such a trial and error process.  Wish I met you 18 months ago!”

- Eric K.

“After much frustration and searching, I ordered your course.  I was afraid that it was going to be one more in a long line of courses that gave me a repackaging of what I already knew. I am so thankful I was wrong.

Your information took what I knew and showed me exactly what I was doing wrong…a blessing beyond measure!  I could go on and on about how well the written materials are presented, the logical and methodical video presentations, and your overall calm and confident demeanor.  But, what is my bottom line?

Well, I have been using your system for three solid weeks.  I am happy to say that the first week I increased my entire account by 9%, the second week by 5%, and I finished up this week 7%!  These were not crazy trades betting the farm and getting lucky, these were money managed prudent trades.  Best yet, I believe I have the tools to continue with similiar results.

I cannot tell you how this has effected my life …


- Jil Y.

Barry ,just wanted to say that your trading course is by far the best and
well thought course i have ever taken, i've been trading for two yrs and
have taken my share of courses but yours is by far superior . wish i
 knew about you when i first started trading
- Larry G.

“As I first learned about your trading method I was completely taken on how simple you make it seem.

The course’s are exactly what I expected simple, easy to follow, and awesome to watch over and over. I will forever be grateful.

I have purchased both of course one and two and as of last night I joined your weekly email service and i am looking forward to them as well.

As a matter of fact i suggested to one of my friends to your site and he called me just last night to say he too also bought course one and two. He like myself are really excited on what you have to offer now and in the future.

Thank you for everything.”

- J.R.
“Happy to report making consistent profits (trading emini Russell) in March, since learning your trading strategies. Noted that losses mainly came from not following the rules strictly, esp trading when the MAs are flat, and making kamikaze trades. Working very hard on trading psychology. Loved the Video Newsletters – they are extremely helpful in reinforcing the lessons learnt from Course 1 & 2.

Look forward to any new/advanced courses.

God bless you for helping aspiring traders, and for giving us the excellent Foundation courses at such reasonable rates. They are really more than worth their weight in gold!

Kind Regards,”


“You are absolutely the BEST teacher I have found in my long (over 10 years) search to learn a successful approach to trading the futures. You teach all aspects of what it takes to become a successful trader – not just a method for setups, but a complete package of toosl [sic] including stop placement, profit targets and money management plus your stress on the importance of journaling every trade …

Thank you so much for all you have done to help me and other traders. The people I have referred to you have all had very favorable comments about you and your approach.

God Bless,”

- Dave.

“I just wanted to fire off a quick note saying , thanks for your outstanding course. It is truly the most valuable course I have ever taken, and I’ve been through more than a few.

Maybe it’s the old Zen thing: ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.’

… I shorted the YM today at about 10:18 Texas time. I sat on the last 25% for over 4 hours and over 100 points. There is no way I would have done that a month ago.

Thanks again,”

-Joe H.

“Hi Barry, Wanted to thank you again for your mentorship. You are a great trader and an excellent teacher. Your knowledge of the markets is humbling. Thank you for sharing that knowledge with me. After a long slump period, because of your mentorship I am finally making money again.”

- Aya E.


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Ready for a cutting-edge, thorough trading book about what’s working NOW in the markets?

One of my mentors told me that I needed to write a book and that he’d keep bugging me until I did.

I resisted because I knew how much work it would be.

He kept his promise. He bugged me and bugged me … and kept bugging me!

Well, I’m excited to announce that I finally wrote that book and it’s officially published and in the bookstores as of a few weeks ago.

It’s called “Trend Trading For Dummies,” and is part of the famous Dummies series of books that’s so famous for creating books that make subjects easy to understand.

I have to admit I’m very proud of this work. I poured my over 40 years of trading education into this work, so it’s very comprehensive, practical and real-world.

On the other hand, being just published, it’s also very current about how to trade the markets in today’s high-tech trading environment that is dominated by computerized trading programs and High Frequency Trading.

It’s about what works NOW.

Get a copy now at:

  • Your local bookstore.
  • Your favorite online book seller.
  • Direct from www.Dummies.com

Trend Trading For Dummies

It’s an amazing work if I must say so myself ;-) , and I’m sure you’ll find it very fresh, insightful, honest and practical to improve your trading and take it to the next level.


Okay day traders, today I’m starting a new series of 10 articles covering the top 10 mistakes I find people making when day trading and losing money. Many of the mistakes of stock market, futures and forex day trading have to do with trading psychology.

These are in no particular order, so we’ll start with …


Some traders are under the assumption that their trading strategy (whatever it is) should be able to get them into every major move of the market. That’s a false assumption that will lead to disastrous trading results such as:

  • Reverse engineering every big move in the market to see what indicators, etc.,  would have helped them catch that particular move.
  • Change trading methods continuously.
  • Causing a trader to think there’s something wrong with them.
  • Jumping into a trade that has “left the station” without you just because the market is making a big move (but not entering based on your proven trading rules).
  • Assuming that there is some magical trading strategy that will help you catch every move the market makes.

Successful trading is all about having a methodology that provides a high probability scenario when the rules of the method are met.

Not all big market moves are preceded by a high probability situation or setup. In such cases it’s important to manage your thoughts and emotions and allow the market to make it’s moves, even the big ones, without you.

Successful trading is done by “making the market come to you.”

That means sticking to a proven, time-tested trading methodology that when certain rules are met, the probability of a profitable trade is on your side.

You wait until those rules are met. When they are met, you take a trade. When they aren’t met, you stay on the sidelines and simply watch as the market makes its gyrations up, down and sideways … maintaining an emotionally detached attitude.

Never chase the market … make the market come to you.


Happy Holidays!

In the spirit of the holidays, I’m sharing with you a day trading technique used to help determine the overall picture of the stock market. It especially lends itself well to

The practical application of the technique is to help us decide how long we want to stay in a day trade – whether we expect short moves (and should take profits quickly), or we should expect long moves (and let our profits run).

This is just one technique I use in deciding the overall picture of the stock market for the day. For more techniques on determining the overall picture of the market for the day, see these Special Reports: