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Top Dog Trading
Average rating:  
 69 reviews
by John on Top Dog Trading
Foundation Courses

Over a period of many years I have read books and reviews on trading techniques, attended quite a number of seminars, and purchased a few courses. Without hesitation I can say the Top Dog Foundation Courses are the best I have ever encountered, although I haven't mastered them yet. One word of warning - unless you are prepared to work at it, forget it. Go fishing instead.

by Brad Chancey on Top Dog Trading

As someone new to trading i have seen a lot of offers online and i have to say that I am very pleased with my decision to try Barrys course. His manner and approach just work for me, he is a great instructor. i have already gained much knowledge after completing course 1/2, and now i am going back through the course. Its hard to get everything the first time around, but I feel very confident going forward that i will be able to take higher probability trades more often, and thats priceless.

by Kathy Wright on Top Dog Trading
Top Notch Training!

Hello All,<

I am a fairly new student of Barry's and honestly, he deserves more than FIVE stars but that's the most I can give!

After taking Barry's Foundations Course #1 along with watching 5-6 of Barry's valuable YouTube videos, the results of my first 3 days of day trading following his instructions were STUNNING!

In 3 days I entered 19 trades = 15 Wins and 4 Losers.

To say I'm 'Blown Away' is an understatement!

Additionally, Barry offers great advice on how to achieve the proper mindset for this unique business ...which to me is critical for staying power. I plan to do this for as long as the Good Lord lets me!

I adore Barry's teaching style and ...grateful to find this gem of a teacher amongst all the others out in the world. He is a cut above and I'm thankful I found him!

Thank you, Barry! I eagerly look forward to further lessons from you as I venture deeper in the exciting world of Day Trading! I'm thoroughly addicted and having a blast at this! 😉

Your Very Happy Student,

Kathy W
Cave Creek, AZ

by Terry on Top Dog Trading
Simply The Best

Folks, the education he provides is the real deal. I've searched and searched for a way to take my trading to the next level, and I'm very thankful that I was introduced to his invaluable material. Like many other losing traders, I used to initiate trades with limited amount of evidence, hoping that it would be profitable. I now wait for "preponderance of evidence" as taught by Barry. As a result, my win/loss ratio has increased significantly, and more importantly I'm in full control of my trading! Thank you Barry for sharing your knowledge and wisdom!

by Ramesh k on Top Dog Trading

Because of Barry notes , I am getting confident to be a professional trader.

by David Wygant on Top Dog Trading

Barry has taken the emotions out of trading and has allowed me to see what is clearly in front of me.
His Rubberband trade is now a part of my daily system.

Thanks Barry for all you do!

by John Smithman on Top Dog Trading
1st review

So far (after studying Lessons 1 & 2 and Swing-Trading) I've made 10 trades based on my understanding of your system. Four (4) have completed, netting a profit of $188.80; 6 are still in play. But, I still have much to learn... Left some money on the table when I exited too early. Thanks for your lessons! John

by Rob Langone on Top Dog Trading
Thumbs Up

Barry's teachings are methodically presented to cover all the fundamental necessity if a person who is going to be serious about trading. He goes on in later courses to drill down efficiency skills and perspective about the market, scans and the phycology of trading and pro-traders to increase wins, be time efficient and trade with minimal stress. Barry has been the perfect match for me.

by Bryan Nath on Top Dog Trading
Top Dog Products & Services

I purchased courses 1 and 2 in addition to the Top Dog Custom Indicators and VT Trader. Everything purchased has made a huge difference in my trading. I can't thank the Top Dog team enough for making their products and training services available to Retail traders. Dr. Burns, Sheila, Gary and the developer of the Top Dog custom indicators are top notch in all facets of their business.

by ADOLFO JIMENEZ on Top Dog Trading



by PETER on Top Dog Trading


by noorddin noorani on Top Dog Trading
Great Course!

Hello Mr. Berry! I would first of all start with saying that you are the best tutor when it comes to futures trading. I have just like others tried many other so called trading methods, but none of them even come close to your methodology. I am very thank full for your honest teachings and very precise courses. Prior to buying your courses, I had been trading for several years with very little success but after going through your materials it sort of opened up on me and now I am making money rather consistently. Thanks again!

by John on Top Dog Trading
Foundations Course 1 and 2

I can not say enough about these 2 courses! I was hesitant because I have been trying to trade for about 7 years, spending thousands of dollars on indicators and systems only to be no better off, and now out of my hard earned cash! Barry's approach is simple yet unique the way he implements the indicators. My only regret is not having come across Top Dog Trading sooner!!!! I am a VERY satisfied student and believe there is a money back guarantee if you are not happy.....If you are considering the Foundations Course you owe it to yourself to try it!!!

by Patrick on Top Dog Trading
Webinars and indicators

Thank you Barry for sharing your experience and knowledge.
I was unfortunately introduced to trading by an account manager at the
beginning of 2017 who broke the golden rule of not advising clients
to trade with money you cannot afford to loose.
He persuaded me to put thousands of borrowed money on my credit cards to
start the account but never taught me how to trade.
I am still paying off these massive loans from the enormous losses made.
I have had to literally learn the art of trading from scratch.
Your webinars and indicators have been most helpful.
I am putting aside money that once I am able to, I would like to pay for
your courses and books.
I would recommend to anyone to purchase your courses if they can afford it.
God bless you for helping many of us.

by Bryan on Top Dog Trading

Dr. Barry Burns created a brilliant methodology along with everything else that is essential in trading. I went through the first two classes and I'm very happy with how it is changing a lot of things about my trading approach. Barry is also an incredible instructor that illustrates the key points over and over which is great. He has an amazing ability to really teach you what's important through his many examples. He gives you all the tools you need to be successful. I am looking forward to the future! Thank you Dr. Barry Burns and your amazing associates!

by Susi Dee on Top Dog Trading
All Courses and Indicators

I had learned some very bad trading practices and consequently lost a lot of money. I knew things had to change, I had heard of Barry through a friend and decided that I had nothing to lose by trying the courses. I have studied Foundation courses 1 & 2, along with a few other courses. I have all the courses and I am working my way through them. Sometimes I have to watch them 10 or more times to understand everything. I am learning to become a better trader and gain more confidence each day. I find that I make fewer trades with much better results.
I also have of Barry's indicators which I love. I find it helpful to see the 50 sma change color and I know I wouldn't be able to spot divergence or cycles as accurately as this indicator. Thank you Barry, your courses and indicators have been life changing for much better. Thank you Barb and Sheila for taking care of me too.

by James Stapleton on Top Dog Trading
Foundations Course

I just wanted to thank you Barry for a first rate trading course. The content is fantastic and so concise, making it a real joy to learn. I look forward to moving onto Foundations Course 2 and more!

by Charles Porterfield on Top Dog Trading
Top Dog Trading

I have spent literally thousands of dollars on software, systems, indicators, instructors and newsletters over the years. Some of it has been valuable and useful to trading but none has been as actionable as this course. A ton of information on market structure and dynamics is included, as well as how to psychologically approach the markets. What I have particularly found helpful is the concrete way in which setups occur and the action recommended. There really is no "we could do this or we could do that", but only what you should do and why. Actually used one of Barry's indicators this week to stay in a countertrend trade (which I don't normally trade) and now have a nice profit. Highly recommended. For the price I would consider this a steal.

by DAVIS CARPENTER on Top Dog Trading
Foundations 1 and 2

Your courses have a lot of depth. Since I purchased the duo, I have gone thru them in detail at least five times. Each time I gain some nuance that I had not realized on the previous iterations. When I first purchased the courses, I went thru them rather rapidly and thought I was ready to go. I have noticed that subsequent iterations demonstrated that the additional time spent was well worth it in terms of enhancement and improved resolution of the timing of my transactions. I was modestly successful in my scalping techniques prior to these courses, but going over my numbers for June have left me in a state of amazement regarding the improvement in performance of the results. During the month of June, I have extended my trading to include longer term trading. Previously I never traded overnight, and I was fairly successful day trading weekly options; I find Friday trades most gratifying since one can trade something like the QQQ with a narrow bid/ask spread and a high delta
for as little as 30 cents and in no time at all I can gain approximately $500 on 10 contracts.
Foundation one and two has enabled me to accurately determine when to enter and exit.
Prior to F1 and F2, my success ratio was determined by hunches and other amorphous
feelings. With F1 and F2, my transactions are executed with precision and assurance.
My reason for scalping was manifested by the lack of confidence in my trades to the point that I was afraid of staying in a trade any longer than I had to. I was successful at bringing in about $100 per day and many days were non sequitur because I had no ability
to discern if the market was goin to move and sometimes which direction was the movement. This has gone away with an understanding of F1 and F2. I realize this is some what verbose, and I shall try to reign it in after I make one other observation that
might be of interest.
I have coupled the high resolution short term trading with appropriate of candlesticks on a daily basis. This set up enables me to look at the chart on a daily basis and have
a presentation of the 2 min and 6 min charts to monitor the Five energies as the trade progresses. I am rewriting my trading plan from this.
Again, sorry to make this so long and convoluted
Davis Carpenter FAS

by lee walker on Top Dog Trading
rubber band trade plus vidoes

top dog trading has to be the best, all videos are easy to understand and just as easy to put into practice on a live account or demo account, the rubber band trade has to be my favourite, I would highly recommend viewing all videos even if its only to refresh your memory, I will look forward to doing a course in the near future and improving my level of trading, thank you Barry for you help and support. A+++

by Mae on Top Dog Trading
Foundation Courses

I am into week 3 of reviewing the Foundation Courses. I find your courses and your delivery beyond excellent. They are so clear and well-laid out with numerous related techniques which scaffold each other. You don't seem to be holding anything back; nothing leaves me guessing. I like the way you have the videos but you also have a manual; so I can revisit the training without having to play all the videos again. I also appreciate the common sense psychology in developing the right mindset. I actually am seeing real success.
Thank you

by Alper Kiamil on Top Dog Trading

Hi Barry and Barb, thank you for the assist with my course. I was having trouble finding
which way the Trend was going and the links you sent me made a lot of difference to my trading on Courses 1 & 2. It is a great course if you are having problems with your trades
specially if you are new to the market whether you are doing a Stocks, Forex, Minis it literally works with it all.

by Thom on Top Dog Trading
rubber band trade

It took me a while to appreciate the power of this trade set up. It's almost foolproof because price will "always" come back to the MA. Barry uses the 50 but you can use a variety of MA's as long as they give you enough movement profit wise, and each stock has it's own profit potential on a retrace to a particular MA. As traders we often think we understand MA's because they're so familiar, I would suggest studying and understanding their true significance. Barry's trade (pay attention to the details) is great and it can be very profitable with options if you get in with enough contracts. Even if you don't hit your price target exactly you'll still make good money.

by Paul on Top Dog Trading

I'm loving putting the chart set ups to work. I am a long time trader, but still at break even....tried just about every method out there,yet still haven't got over the tipping point ! I have a chart set up with similarities to your own, but you have helped me to really dial it in to bring the best out of the indicators and price action. I appreciate you emphasizing that indicators are simply an aid, and a result of the main factor, which is price action itself.... however, I'm a visual person and they've brought great clarity and confidence in my trading. It's working really well, thank you !

by Rob on Top Dog Trading
TopDog Trading

I see from all the other reviews many others also gave 5 stars!
Barry breaks things down beautifully, I believe i have now puchased every product Barry has offered. It has given me the confidence i wanted and great insight in knowing if i should take a trade or wait as well as when to take my profits. The investment in TopDog Trading has been the best investment i have ever made! 6 Stars!

by ernest hewett on Top Dog Trading
total package

Dr. Barry offers a complete trading methodology that is far above the crowd in my opinion.
I would absolutely recommend you take all courses. Courses 1&2 provide you with the basic
foundation to determine high probability winning trades. Also, as you are learning the physical
elements of the charts Barry offers you some psycological insights into why certain things happen the way they do. The advanced course is very important in that it provides you with
a look at some of the nuances of the market and how it applies to his methodology. In order
for you to be able to apply his methodology to a trade it is essential,in my opinion,to have his indicators bundle. This allows you to make a decision quickly and see at a glance if the
five energies are met.
If you want an effective no hype approach to trading then Dr. Barry is where you need to be.

by Sherif on Top Dog Trading
Outstanding Course

The Advanced Course is really great. I took away quite a few things from it and it has already improved my trading results. Not only that, but the people at TopDog Trading are awesome. Sheila helped me out in a big way and Barry is very generous with his time and knowledge. Really great people and great information products.

by DR Turner on Top Dog Trading
Foundation Course 1&2, Custom Indicators, Top Dog Trading's Best Videos


by Alain on Top Dog Trading
Fondation course 1&2

I would like to personally thanks Barry for his excellent level of eduction.
He is spending a lot of time and energy to help his students to become professional trader.
The Fondation Courses 1&2 are a lot more than the base, they gives you clarity and the necessary tools to become a successful trader.
Thanks again.

by BR Brandon on Top Dog Trading
Foundations 1&2 Custom Indicators

To say "Foundations Course 1&2" is a bit misleading. Top Dog Trading offers & teaches a sophisticated methodology the core of which are 5 Energies that when synchronized & applied to any market leads to winning probabilities.

On the other hand this is precisely what you want the foundations of your trading business built upon - winning probabilities!!!!

This isn't simplistic. It requires focus, patience, professionalism... Yet, there is more: Consider Foundations 1&2 a terrific novel. Its accompanying Top Dog Custom Indicators is it's Live production.

These customized TDI's bring total market clarity up close and in your face. They give you confidence so you don't panic out of your trades. They show you opportunities you'd easily otherwise overlook(i.e: fear to trade). And because you don't work nearly as hard analyzing your market, you have more mental energy to take more trades.

Bottom line: Desire a successful trading business? Build it upon these foundations.

by Hayward Huntsberry on Top Dog Trading
5 Energies

I've taken courses 1 and 2 and they are both a wealth of knowledge. I've spent thousands of dollars for trading education in the past and honestly I regret doing that. I've been paper trading what I've learned from these courses and the 5 energy methodology is fantastic! It was a bit hard to see those great trades pass me by during paper trading, so by May 1 2015 I will start using real money as I execute my trades. I'm very happy about being a student of Top Dog Trading. Thank you Dr. Burns for sharing what you've learned from the school of hard knocks!

by Pat on Top Dog Trading
Top Dog Custom Indicators for Ninja Trader

Thanks Barry, the indicators make it very easy to see the trades setting up. It is especially helpful that you can customize all the indicators, since trading is such a visual skill. Much appreciated.

by VDM on Top Dog Trading

Words can't express my GRATITUDE to Barry Burns for the education he is SHARING with this two courses.

by Joe on Top Dog Trading
Thanks for the momentum

I recently purchased your training courses because I want to keep learning and improving my trading carreer. I have been actively trading for eight years and am always thirsting for more knowledge. Your training is the first to teach me how to use the momentum indicator so I have added it to my documented trading plan and arsenal of tools. Since using your added suggestion I am averaging 20% per week in net profits where before I was averaging 7% net profits. This is awesome! I have more winners than before simply because the momentum indicator forces me to wait a little more patiently for the same set ups I have been trading. Thanks!

by V De Marchi on Top Dog Trading
Top Dog Trading Method how good it is...

I have been with Top Dog Trading for few years and done all the courses, if you are passionate about trading and you want to be successful, in any markets and time frame, Barry Burns methodology is the right path.

Foundation 1&2 courses are only the beginning, combine with Top Dog Indicators is much easy (quick) to understand and clear to apply the methodology rules.

All the other courses are an evolution of the Top Dog trading system, DAY TRADING THE INVISIBLE EDGE and TOP DOG TRADING ADVANCED COURSE they are so powerful you can recover the cost of ALL the cost of the courses with few trades.

With Top Dog Trading Video Newsletter is a service which you can ask your questions regarding about the TD methodology if in any uncertainty… EXCELENT.

by Phil Schlittler on Top Dog Trading
Long Learning Curve

Top Dog trading uses complex charting. There are a lot of moving parts that makes the method work.

Students need to give themselves a year to get use to the method.

I have placed trades were Top Dog method did work as taught. Sometimes I just can't tell if there is a good setup. The charts are just too overwhelming with information overload to evaluate a setup.

by Phil Schlittler on Top Dog Trading
Top Dog Trading Method Keeps You Out of Lousy Trades


I am flabbergasted that most trading courses out there uses no next higher time frame for conformation.

Trading Tip of the Day…

When shopping for a trading course ask if there is a next higher time frame for conformation?

If the answer is no, keep shopping!!!

The Top Dog trading method successfully filtered out a trade on the USDNZD on the daily chart for a long.

Mom on MACD was flat on weekly chart.

Friends that went long on this pair got mashed (stopped out) on their trade.

Thanks Barry!!!

by Greg on Top Dog Trading
Foundation Courses 1&2, Advanced Course, Custom Ninja Indicators, Scanning Software

Simply the best trading teachings on the web! The integrity Dr. Burns brings to his teaching is exemplified by:

1. The absolute consistency of his trading method over years of teaching and trading

2. Teaching to the "hard right edge" of the chart - where success is measured by the probability of the outcome - (not one off examples)

3. Teaching a "holistic" approach to understanding the markets and as such market trade probability is gained by an understanding of multiple price indicators/influences and no one, two, or even three indicators in isolation comprise a high probability trade

4. Teaching basic principles with a patience that is born of years of trading success - I know of no other successful trader that is able to (or willing) to teach

In my opinion the Custom Indicators should be purchased from the beginning as they will greatly reduce the learning curve of Dr. Burns methodology. The methodology is not based on esoteric or fad indicators - but is based only upon time proven and widely used price indicators that are brought together to create a model of the various energies that provide for high probability trades.

Thank you Barry for your teaching.


by Larry Ballard on Top Dog Trading
The Best

I have been trading the top dog methodology for 3 1/2 years now and I must say it is almost magical how will it works for me. I tried to trade about 15 years ago on my own without any training and lost most of my money. I started out with the first two courses and the swing trading course as well as his indicators for trade station. I then got the intermediate course. I just finished the advance course and all I can say is Wow!! I took a short on the Dow daily chart based on one of his new setups on 5-14-14 and if you look at the chart you will see how will that worked for me. More then paid for the course. I must say to that Barry is top notch. the few times that I have emailed him he has always responded fairly fast, and that can't be easy with so many students. My wife got hurt a couple of years ago and can't work anymore. I don't know what we would have done without the income from trading. One more thing I would like to say is if you think Barry's courses are expensive your nuts. I have a friend that day trades another system and he has over $5000 invested and he has to pay a $160.00 a month for there proprietary system. Every time I talk to him he's not doing that good. I have mentored four of my friends after they took the courses and three of them are still trading and the one that quite just didn't like the boredom that goes with trading. Barry you have changed my life and I just can't thank you enough.


by Sherman on Top Dog Trading

Dr. Burns

This five day training is very well explain for some thinking about is trading, is it for me.

by HUSSAM on Top Dog Trading
Foundation Courses 1&2 and Top Dog Custom Indicators

1)Foundation Courses 1 & 2. : First of all, they should be seen as a course that provides complete clear and detailed trading strategies. I have been trading for 5 years and had learned a lot. However, something was missing. These 2 courses helped me to almost put everything together ( there is nothing that is 100% in trading). I was missing 2 key concepts that I could not adequately assess; Cycles and Momentum. These courses do cover these concepts brilliantly. They also helped me find some additional correlations / confluences between Top Dog Custom Indicators and the main tool that I normally use.

2)Top Dog Custom Indicators : They really do help you to easily and quickly visually see the set-ups that you have learned in Foundation Courses 1 & 2.

Thanks Barry.

by Bobby on Top Dog Trading

You’ll learn how to technically and objectively trade the hard right edge of the screen. Is it 100% accuracy? Nothing is and that’s not needed to be profitable. Think of trading as counting cards at blackjack. There’s never guaranteed to win a given hand; but you can have the odds on your side rather than the houses. And if patient, the odds can indeed be hugely on your side. In fact trading is better than blackjack cause unlike blackjack the payoff is not limited.

by mike on Top Dog Trading
Simple Consistency

The thing that stands out with your course is the simple consistency. With consistency there are exception and your exceptions are logical. Now, when I do make an entry, I now know why am entering. I've made good money with Course #1 & #2, and look forward to making even more with the Advance Course. Just keep doing what you do, and we will all make money.

Thank you,


by Wallex on Top Dog Trading

I think this trading course is a good one for upcoming traders who have the intention to invest

by Mervat on Top Dog Trading
Barry's Methodology

Dear Dr.Burns,

Thank you for requesting a feed back on your products.This is a character of honest educator who really cares about helping and supporting his students.

I recently became interested in "Elliott Waves" I read a few books and took a rather expensive course from one who is considered to be a top educator in the Elliot Waves field .I found the subject to be more confusing than helpful and it actually shook my trading self confidence and lead to losses than profits.

I am impressed with your foundation courses and the advanced ones and I am applying your methodology clear rules to my trading. I have to admit that my trading has tremendously improved and now I exactly know when to get engaged in the markets and when to stay out.

Adding the Top Dog custom indicators to the rest of Top Dog courses is diffidently the icing on the cake. This is a much better and more practical way of counting the waves without the subjective confusion of Elliott Waves.The Top Dog indicators added clarity and objectivity to my trading decisions and increased my profitability.

Thank you Dr. Burns for sharing your tremendous understanding of the markets with us at a very affordable price.


by Wes Rainey on Top Dog Trading
5 day free training video

Thanks Barry for offering these great videos. They are the best and most realistic information that I have come across in my search for that holy grail of trading strategies. I trade binary options and some of the things don't apply directly. The video on how to measure the energies in the market and setting up the indicators improved my ability to predict the direction of a currency pairs in the short term. I trade currency because of the regular day job and I can trade binary options in the evening. This might be another market that you could customize videos for. Thanks Wes Rainey

by Paul on Top Dog Trading

The Indicator Package is amazing, more than I had expected. I'm relativly new to TopDog so trying to get my arms around everything there is to watch was made a lot easier by these indicators. Tip of the hat to you Barry!

by Nicole on Top Dog Trading
Rubber Band

I tried the Rubber Bands. And did not win. This may be due to myself, not to Rubber Bands! My problem was, that I had weak entry points: Too early, too late. I never knew how far the thing shall oscillate, before I traded. 3 stars for "I do not know". Is the strategy the problem or is it myself.

Not I test myself with the "5 energies". It is harder to stay focused than it looks.

Thank you for the courses!


Hi Nicole, thanks for your feedback. Normally when people have problems with timing their entries on ANY trade setup, it's because they don't have a good timing indicator on their charts. Also make sure that you only take the trade when it aligns with momentum on the fractal chart. Both of these are mentioned in the video on the Rubber Band Trade, but I find that some people don't understand the importance of those 2 issues - they are critical!

by Mark Sanders on Top Dog Trading
The Difference Barry Makes

I have to make the follow client/customer assessment about Top Dog Trading's "aftercare" following my purchase of your Foundations Course 1 & 2.

Barry Burns and his team consistently exceed my expectations. They under promise and over deliver, which is a sign of a group that knows its value proposition, knows what the trader needs, and doesn't overwhelm or badger with continued "upselling". I appreciate their excellence in customer contact, value added training, and giving me positive reasons to stay connected with Barry et al.

There is no shortage of trading information on the Web. There is no lack of trading training courses, either. But there is a lack of high quality, nurturing education at a price anyone serious about "trading as a business" can afford. Barry understands the psychology of the trader and the market. His training is clear, simple, and suited to creating a disciplined trader. I appreciate Top Dog and recommend these resources as part of the essential foundation of any aspiring - or frustrated - trader.

by Eve on Top Dog Trading
Foundations Course 1

I did the 5-day free course and Foundations One. Both are extremely insightful. I AM one of the amateurs that Barry scoffs at so pleasantly and I look forward to trading more like a pro. I've never had a teacher who's so generous with his knowledge. I want to absorb, digest and internalize everything so it's part of my DNA. Thanks so very much.

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