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Top Dog Trading Customized Indicators
for Tradestation


 Here's what you get:

  • Top Dog Wave Indicator:
    • 50 SMA that changes color when the trend goes up, down or sideways.
    • Plots Waves and abc retraces on the chart.
    • Colors, etc. are very customizable.
  • Top Dog Cycle Indicator:
    • %D turns green when going up; red when going down, black when flat.
    • Draws the 20, 45, 55 and 80 horizontal lines.
    • Markets second-chance (mini-divergences) on both the cycle indicator and on the price bars.
    • Does it all in real time on the hard right edge of the chart.
    • Colors, etc. are very customizable.
  • Top Dog Momentum Indicator:
    • MOM turns green when going up; red when going down.
    • DAD turns green when going up; red when going down.
    • Momentum Wave Counts are plotted as dots on above and below MOM.
    • Plots MOM as both a histogram and line.
    • Colors change in real time on the hard right edge of the chart.
    • Colors, etc. are very customizable.  
  •  Top Dog Pivots:
    • Draws the previous day's high, low and close (you enter the levels in manually to accomodate different markets).
    • Manually plot Value Area High and Low (volume based support/resistance levels).
    • Automatically plots pivot levels using the classic formula.
    • Plots PP, R1, R2, R3, R4, S1, S2, S3, S4
    • Automatically plots the half pivots.
  • Top Dog Swings:
    • Automatically draws horizontal support/resistance levels from major swing highs and lows.
    • As support/resistance levels are broken, the lines are removed automatically.
    • Clusters of support/resistance become evident, showing you where the strongest levels are.
    • As new major swings highs and lows are formed, new support/resistance levels are automatically plotted. 
  •  Top Dog Mini Swings:
    • Mini Swings reveal good places for trailing stops inside of cycles.
    • Medium Swings uncover important turning points in the market.
    • Dr. Burns' 2 favorite Candlestick patterns are highlighted on the screen - these can sometimes get you in early - before the cycle indicator hooks!
  •   Top Dog Automatic Fibonacci Levels:
    • Fibonacci retracements are automatically drawn from significant highs and lows. No more guessing which swings you should use for drawing your fib levels.
    • Fibonacci extensions are also drawn both above and below the swings used to draw the retracements.
    • The percentages are labeled on the chart along with the price at that level so you can easily use it for profit taking targets.
    • Put the indicator on the chart twice, with different parameters, to find Fibonacci clusters automatically.
  • Videos on how to use the indicators:
    • How to import the indicators into your own Tradestation charting platform.
    • Instructional videos showing you how to adjust the parameters and customize the indicators to your own liking, as well as advanced tips on how to use the indicators that are not possible with standard indicators.


Just some of the benefits you'll receive when you get the Top Dog Indicators for Tradestation:

  1. The color coding makes the up/down angling of the trend, cycles and momentum crystal clear. No more guessing or second-guessing yourself or what you see on the chart.
  2. The cycle and momentum indicators update in real time on the hard right edge of the screen (waves are counted after they are confirmed).
  3. The indicators update automatically so you can focus on your trading.
  4. The Wave Counts are done for you and are clearly marked on the chart.
  5. Second Chance Cycle Patterns (mini-divergences) are clearly drawn on both the cycle indicator and the price bars.
  6. Momentum Wave Counts are plotted for you automatically removing the guess work as to whether you are counting them correctly or not (dots are used for Tradestation instead of numbers for momentum waves).
  7. Support/Resistance levels are automatically drawn on your chart.
  8. The indicators update automatically as the market continues to move so you can focus on your trading.
  9. Support/Resistance levels are clearly marked as to what type they are.
  10. Cluster of Support/Resistance natually form before your eyes, showing the strongest levels where the market is expected to stall.
  11. Using several types of support/resistance provides powerful insight into the levels that other traders are seeing and trading.
  12. The indicators are fully customizable so you can change the colors, thickness and types of lines, etc. to your personal taste.
  13. The most important benefit: These indicators bring more CLARITY to the chart setup and structure, providing you more CONFIDENCE in your trading.
  14. Candlestick patterns are highlighted for fast and easy identification, providing opportunities to sometimes enter the market before the cycle indicator hooks in the direction of the trade. The earlier entries alone may more than pay for the indicators in a single trade or two!







You get EVERYTHING above:

  1. Wave Counter and Trend Indicator
  2. Cycle Indicator
  3. Momentum Indicator
  4. Pivots Indicator
  5. Swings Indicator
  6. Mini Swings Indicator
  7. Auto-Fibs
  8. Videos on how to use the indicators
  9. FREE BONUS: Count-Down Indicator that helps you time your entries and helps you avoid missed trades.


  1. There are NO REFUNDS on the indicators, so make sure you really want them before you order them.
  2. The pre-requisite for using these indicators is that you have studied Foundations Courses 1 and 2. The indicators will not be of any use to you without those 2 courses.
  3. These are "indicators" which are designed to help you see the "energies" taught in the Top Dog Trading Courses more clearly. They are not buy and sell signals, nor do they automatically trade for you.
  4. Due to limitations regarding how Easy Language plots text on charts, the wave counting only plots after the wave count is confirmed. Also the high/low of the actual count may change after the number is plotted on the chart. The wave counts are meant to be used only as a guide.
  5. These indicators are licensed to you on an annual basis that will automatically renew at the price below until you cancel payment.
  6. You are given one license of the indicator suite to be used on one computer. A second license for a second computer may be given when requested at no extra charge.
  7. The indicators work with the current stable version of Tradestation. We update the indicators with every new stable release, but NOT for every "Beta" release. Therefore the indicators may or may not work if you choose to use Beta versions of Tradestation.

Top Dog Student Special "Bundled" Price: $490/year

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