There is nothing mystical about the markets. Their movements can be analyzed and understood by anyone who understands the basic concepts of energy.

  • TREND gives us the direction of the market
  • MOMENTUM gives us the strength of the trend
  • CYCLES give us the timing for a change in energy
  • SUPPORT and RESISTANCE levels are barriers to energy.
  • FRACTALS are forces of energy at work on different scales.
We use chart INDICATORS to mathematically measure these various energies so we have an objective evaluation of them.

Despite what some market "gurus" may suggest, there is no way to predict what the market will do. However, when  these energies align, as measured by the indicators and price patterns, we have the opportunity for a low-risk, high-probability trade.

Technical analysis is the reading, understanding and evaluation of these 5 energies.

Successful trading is a combination of:
  • Developing a trading plan that provides clear, objective rules for all aspects of your trading business.
  • Having a definite money management program that goes beyond your stops and targets on each trade.
  • Evaluating the energies present in the market through the application of technical analysis.
  • Being disciplined to wait for a low-risk, high probability situation, and to trade your plan without deviation.
  • Executing trades in a skillful manner.





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" I have studied over the years with so many well known traders or Gurus (and all over the world) and there is merit in all that they teach, however what you have done is made this into a practical system and way of looking at market structure at any time and being able to understand when it is high probability to take a trade and when it is time to go and get a cup of tea and wait on the sidelines!

Your method is quite honestly the best I have seen. I have found that going over your course again after a week of trading has made me see many things that I missed the first time around. Now it is so much easier to process the information without overload etc.

Many thanks for sharing your knowledge."

Lawrence L. (London, England)




"Barry is the best person I've ever had teach me any market method etc."

- Jason A.



"Your Foundations Course #1 was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to better understand the market. Hopefully, I will be able to start Course #2 in a couple weeks."

-Ray C.



"You are absolutely the BEST teacher I have found in my long (over 10 years) search to learn a successful approach to trading the futures.

The people I have referred to you have all had very favorable comments about you and your approach.

God Bless,"

- Dave B



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